Our Day - Our Routine

There really is not a typical day as a Childminder, as every day is different and every child is treated as an individual! Being in a home environment means we are lucky enough not to have to be ruled by routine but it is a good idea to have a basis to work from. As a guide to parents I have detailed an example routine that I use to adapt to individual needs of the children.

The routine can be adapted to suit individual children, i.e. if your child sleeps in the morning instead of after lunch then provision can be made for this.

Activities will vary in the holidays, when there will be trips out with older children, whilst also taking into account the needs of the younger children in the setting.

Examples of morning activities include story time at the local library, toddlers group, visits to the park, feeding the ducks along the canal, collecting leaves to make collages, visits to the farm to see the animals, visits to the local shops to learn about the local community, and many more!

Examples of afternoon themed activities include music and movement, yoga, creative "messy play" such as making collages with the leaves and other things we may have picked up on our morning walk! Other examples are painting, sticking and gluing, cooking, making and playing with play dough, and following themes including making cards for Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day, preparing for a birthday, following other religions or cultures celebrations and many more!