We aim to get outside everyday come rain or shine, it's only a 2 minute walk to open fields and several small parks. We can often be found along the canal feeding the ducks, visiting the park or making the most of living near the Box Moor. We attend several toddler groups in the area during the week and every fortnight we go to the library.

Monday: Gadebridge Toddler Group
Tuesday: Library/Sapphire Toddler Gym
Wednesday: Wellie Walk
Thursday: Run around Rascals
Friday: Library/Sapphire Toddler Gym

Our car (Nissan Qashqai) is fully insured for business use with appropriate car seats for any trips that we make although where possible we walk. We are advocates of the Dacorum "Buggy Buddies" scheme which is a new and innovative scheme aimed at getting children under five on the move and out of cars for journeys, and engaging with fun activities through a range of specially developed resources. I have a double buggy and am also happy wearing babies in a sling. I always use harnesses for young children who like to walk.