Our Day

Although my aim is to provide a "home from home" setting for the children in my care, even at home children need some sort of routine so that they understand the pattern of how their day will run. Therefore, although activities will be based around the needs of individual children, there will be a loose structure that will be followed to ensure that older children get to school on time, and that the younger children get to socialise at events outside my home such as toddler groups, music and story groups.

Part of each day will be spent outdoors, as not only is this a requirement of EYFS, but it is also beneficial for the children to get used to and enjoy fresh air and a variety of activities. The children also keep active with daily buggy buddy activities on our walks, along with structured Yoga, Pilates and dance sessions.

At Little Buds our meals are healthy and home cooked. I encourage children to try new foods and experiment with new tastes. more details can be found in my On The Menu Page.

Using baby signs helps to support early communication and I sign most day to day things with the children. I encourage older children to use the signs to help communicate with the younger children and we sing many songs and play games which encourage use of baby sign language. If you want to encourage your child to sign I will be happy to share the basic signs I know with you. I can also give your child baby massage if you would like, it aids relaxation and peaceful sleep